Breastfeeding help


Tonight, I dropped off freshly made placenta capsules to a lovely couple with a crying newborn baby. They seemed to be surprised by the baby's behavior as he was so quiet just the day before.

I suggested that the baby must want to be on the breast, as that is what newborn babies usually want. They help stimulate milk production in a breastfeeding dance of supply and demand. The mom can now benefit from the hormones in the placenta pills that will aid the baby's tries in having the milk come sooner. And not only in the first few days but in the weeks of growth spurts to come.

I reassured the mom that the colostrum she is producing is enough for the baby's tiny tummy at the moment. Here is an illustration of how small a newborn tummy actually is.


The mom was grateful and mentioned that no one had told her that.

It is unfortunate that new parents often do not receive the support, reassurance and mothering advice that they require in their first days of parenthood.  

Le Leche League creates that missing link with invaluable support. Le Leche League builds a network of knowledgeable, understanding and experienced parents, who either have or are going through the same challenges. You will also receive amazingly empowering hands-on support. 

If you are pregnant with your first child, I would be proactive and would start attending these warm welcoming meetings to prepare for those first days.  

In addition to the meetings, La Leche League book "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" is a must have. It will lift you up and carry you through the bumps on your way. It will provide also reassurance during the different stages of your child's development.

Here is a link to local La Leche League meet-ups. Pleae note that some are for women only, while others are organized for couples