Placenta encapsulation instructions

I created Ottawa Placenta 5 years ago with the purpose to help women have a healthier and happier postpartum experience. I wanted to help women recover gently and regain their strength to be able to be their best in caring for their families through the sleepless nights and busy days that follow after childbirth. I also wanted to let women be with their babies in the first days after the birth while I convert their placenta into powerful healing supplements for them.

What I found was that there were increasing requests from families in remote communities where the service was not offered – the last request I received was from the far north, almost 8 hours from Ottawa.  Also, I found that there were families who either could not afford to pay $220 for the convenience of the service or just wanted to do it themselves and needed guidance. 

I am very excited to share with you a comprehensive placenta encapsulation guide. I hope that these easy step-by-step instructions with illustrative photos will help you in preparing your placenta.

Easy to follow instructions are now available in pdf format.