Baby Show 2016

 Before the show Day 1

Before the show Day 1

I am proud to announce that Ottawa Placenta was very well received at the Ottawa Baby Show 2016. 

I am very grateful for the assistance of my family in setting up our wonderful display booth and for having my sister in law helping me throughout the whole weekend at the EY center.

Going into the show, our goal was to create awareness of the natural and safe way to recover, heal and thrive after giving birth. 

We were pleased to be able to reach 600 expectant families over the course of 2 days. 

It was a pleasure to have several past clients drop by and share how placenta consumption made a big difference in their post birth recovery - both physically and emotionally.  

As the result, of many conversations with expectant parents at the show, we are developing a new testimonials page where your wonderful stories will be shared along with your photos. Please share your experiences with us. They will help new moms choose to heal after the birth the way nature intended them to.