• Select and book a package
  • Information about your planned birth is collected during check out
  • Fully refundable $50 deposit is charged (details)
  • Remaining balance will be collected when your capsules are delivered

Then...As Easy As 1-2-3

1. Birth

Right after birth call me or send me a text message. Place placenta in the fridge or on ice.

2. Pick Up

As soon as I know that you placenta is ready for processing I come to pick it up.

3. Delivery

Capsules are delivered to your home or to the hospital within 48 hours. Remaining balance is collected.



Let your doctor or midwife know you are keeping your placenta after the birth. It is your organ and for you to keep. You have legal authority over it. There is a standard waiver that you need to sign to have your placenta released to you immediately after the birth.

Placenta needs to be placed on ice within 3 hours after the birth and refrigerated within 12 hours.

Make sure you make timely arrangements for placenta to be encapsulated. It needs to be encapsulated within 72 hours. Otherwise it needs to be frozen and it will keep for a year that way. It can be processed at your convenience. However, it is the most beneficial for mother's postpartum healing to consume her placenta soon after giving birth.

High Quality


I use only high quality, organic and one time use (whenever possible) supplies only. I use stainless steel knives and scissors, a high quality dehydrator, disposable cutting boards, non-latex gloves and vegetarian gelatin capsules.

All equipment is washed in soap and hot water after use and soaked in 10% bleach solution for 10 minutes to sterilize. All working surfaces are treated with 10% bleach solution followed by hot water with soap before and after processing. All working area and equipment are kept sanitized at all times.

Preferred Method


Traditional Chinese method

Placenta is gently steamed and then dehydrated and grinded into powder for capsules. It is believed, that when mother gives birth her body becomes empty and cold. It needs warming remedies to balance out the Qi (energy) in her body. Steaming provides capsules with heat that gentle postpartum healing requires.


Raw method

Placenta is dehydrated raw on low setting and grinded into powder for capsules. It is believed that more nutrients and enzymes are preserved with this method. It is a more potent method to use.